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a stone seat and a shadow tree

a stone seat and a shadow tree
Inkweed, 2001

a stone seat and a shadow tree is a collection of poems that come out of everyday life. They are poems about children, families, travel, mixed communities, and those moments when something happens that simply stops you in your tracks.




‘These are poems that matter …extraordinarily clear-sighted and tough-minded, beneath their quiet, lucid surfaces some big and complex things are going on. They are full of journeys: to Europe, to Asia, into the rich, articulate gaps of family history, yet they are also settled, local, thoroughly at home. And here is the poet too …reflecting, quietly marking the entrances and exits’. Bill Manhire


a stone seat and a shadow tree: notes for teachers

For some time these poems have been finding their way into English classes. So here is a set of notes to accompany this collection, specifically for high school students. They’re in an easy conversational style, and talk about where the poem came from, how the content has influenced the form, the discoveries and surprises.

Download notes for teachers as a PDF — ISBN 978-0-473-25922-8. The poems are included.

Download notes for teachers as an epub file — ISBN 978-0-473-25923-5

Out of print.