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I have in my arms both ways

I have in my arms both ways: life stories of ten immigrant women
Allen and Unwin/Bridget Williams Books, 1990

Reprint, Bridget Williams Books, 2015

Immigrant women bring to New Zealand rich experiences of lives spent in other cultures. But their stories are not often told. In this book, ten immigrant women speak in depth about growing up in their first countries, and their lives in New Zealand. They talk about childhood, marriage, discrimination, language, aspirations for their children, and the role of women. They also, often poignantly, point to what they can’t speak about.


Twenty years on, this enduring book still appears in many bibliographies, is often quoted, and excerpts are frequently reprinted. A new generation of migrant women has arrived in New Zealand, but the stories have changed remarkably little.

In top 20 titles in Women’s Book Festival, 1990


‘These women who live in two worlds are strong, active and courageous, with many hard-won insights to offer us… a vigorous and thoughtful book.’ Dominion Sunday Times

Paperback available from the author.
E-book available; order from or any good e-book vendor.