July 2018: Mehwish Moughal

I have been watching I am free, a documentary series on TV1. One episode has featured the Moughal sisters from Auckland, who escaped a violent relationship with their father. I interviewed the eldest sister, Mehwish, several years ago for The Crescent Moon project.At the time I found her story remarkable for its courage and wisdom. The documentary showed both the courage of all the sisters, and also the price they have paid. In Mehwish’s entry in The Crescent Moon book, we highlighted one quote from her, which I want to include here:

‘I”m a Muslim and I respect and explore all religions. There are things I like and things I don’t like in the Muslim religion. I’ve got lots of questions. It’s about finding people who have a strong belief in their religion, but know there are some parts of it which are not okay. It’s the same with the Christian religion. Every religion has its wrong thing to discuss.’