November 2015: Launch of Migrant Journeys

We’ve just launched Migrant Journeys, interviews with migrant taxi drivers in New Zealand. Liz Grant and I have done this book, and we hope it will drive more discussion about how New Zealand receives migrants (especially in employment), racism, and a fair few other subjects. These drivers have such astonishing stories, we’re very grateful to them for being willing to tell them.

At the same time, I have in my arms both ways, which ten immigrant women and I published in 1990, was republished. How extraordinary, that it’s been republished after 25 years. But maybe the stories don’t change much. Five of the original ten women came to the launch, and we went out for dinner afterwards – it was an occasion worth marking. We remembered how when the book was first published, and the first royalty cheque came through, we all decided to blow the whole lot on going out for dinner!