Here’s an overview of some major writing projects I’ve worked on in the last few years.

I’m often surprised that writing occupies a large part of my life. I never had any ambition to be a writer, and it all feels a bit accidental. But writing has given me lots of opportunities, and these projects are some of them.

When I look at this list, I realise how much of my writing work has been collaborative. Writing is usually thought of as a solitary activity, but for me a great deal of it isn’t.

More of us

More of Us is not just a book, but a project!


Setting up Landing Press

Launching a new small press


The Crescent Moon exhibition in Malaysia

Writing the text for an exhibition in George Town, Penang, 2015


Writing workshops in Indonesia

Developing picture books with local content, 2015


Setting up Escalator Press

2013 saw the launch of an innovative new small press.


The Curioseum: creating a curious collection

The Whitireia Creative Writing Programme and Te Papa Press have collaborated in creating a unique book for kids.


Abdel’s Favourites from the Marrakech Café; co-writing a cookbook

A small team produced a beautiful Moroccan cookbook for Abdelghani El Adraoui, chef of the Marrakech Café in Wellington.


Journey with my Shadow – poems by Samson Sahele

Samson Sahele’s poems (2012) chart his journey from Ethiopia to New Zealand.


Purple Dandelion

Purple Dandelion is the autobiography of Farida Sultana, published in 2011.


The Crescent Moon exhibition

The Crescent Moon: the Asian Face of Islam in New Zealand is a photographic exhibition as well as a book, which in 2013 took me to Jakarta.


A stake in the ground

This is a collection of poems of ten years of a writing group, 2003–2013