Setting up Landing Press

Launching a new small press

In 2016 a small group of us set up a new small press, Landing Press. It’s a small collaborative press run by Milena Stoysavljevic, Carina Gallegos, and me. Milena brings a lot of experience of publishing in Serbia, and Carina is an excellent writer herself. My experience in setting up Escalator Press was very useful in setting up this new press, and we’re all delighted at how our first publication, Keel and Drift, is going.

In the midst of doom and gloom about some aspects of publishing, I think there are great opportunities for small presses. Big changes in printing technology have made small print runs economic, and of course there’s the ebook market – though I don’t think poetry is a big seller as an ebook! But it’s all going well, and our next book is in the pipeline.