February 2014: Friends of Pataka

Friends of Pataka (Pataka Art and Museum is Porirua’s excellent museum/gallery) hosted a music-and-words event based on The Score – a pianist, a harmonica player, a piano technician, and a writer telling some of the stories behind the novel, and playing some of the music that features in it. Porirua Paper Plus sold lots of books – they have to be one of the best booksellers around.

And here’s what we did for the Festival of the Elements – it’s Porirua’s great celebration of Waitangi Day. Four of us involved with Escalator Press – Mandy Hager, Mary-Jane Duffy, Janet Colson,and I – read from our work, then cobbled together some kind of crazy story from all the works, and the audience had to come up with suitable – or unsuitable – endings. Lots of fun, and a great way for us to send up our own work!